bullut-points-servicesChuck LeGrow Aviation provides buyers and sellers with high level, one-on-one assistance in the worldwide search, inspection, sale or acquisition of a new or pre-owned aircraft.
Simply put, Chuck LeGrow is that rare individual in the general aviation industry with the depth of experience, contacts and skills to make the entire process as seamless and turn-key as possible.

He has successfully completed more than 1,000 sales spanning nearly 40 years in the international market. He has developed outstanding relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, brokers, buyers, distributors, dealers, service providers and operators.  His knowledge of the market and stature in the industry enable him to provide clients with the most insightful, accurate and timely information required to guide the entire process to an effortless and optimal conclusion.

For those wishing to sell an aircraft, Chuck LeGrow Aviation offers, the latest sales technology and an international and domestic network of dealers and buyers to present your offering in the best possible light. Your aircraft will be quickly matched with the most qualified prospects worldwide to attain the highest possible return on investment.